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Diary of a Bok Choy Fanatic

Multimedia artist and multidisciplinary creative based in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been dancing on the fields of fashion, lifestyle, culture, & marketing, through different formats from creative directing, styling, to videography.
Since 2016 I’ve been collaborating with independent artists and local brands, and since 2020 I’ve worked with high-end clientele. This including IMG, Jonathan Simkhai, Theophilio (CFDA Emerging Designer of the Year 2021), Kim Shui, Willy Chavarria, & others.

I want to create visuals that feel good and dialogue with my convictions, perceptions and experiences around contemporary youth and culture.

Often at the produce section in Hong Kong Supermarket. Mostly with my dachshund mix, Pattymelt. 

For work inquiries, or a hello, contact me at: lovettemai@gmail.com

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Here are my specialties in visual communication:


︎Development & Research
︎Strategy & Placement
︎Brand Identity Design
︎Brand Campaigns & Application
︎Case Studies & Testimonials
Photography & Film:

︎Fashion & Lifestyle Photography
︎Adobe Creative Suite
︎Brand Films
︎Promotional Films
︎Film Photography

︎Website Design
︎Web Development
︎Digital Marketing
︎Social Media

︎Editorial Design